introducing lomolique
by Gwen osborne

A high-performance luxury facial oil
designed and developed by Gwen

As a professional model and actress, Gwen enjoyed access to the best skincare on the market, and experienced firsthand the benefits of high-performing formulas.

Though grateful for this unique position, she grew increasingly unsettled by the disparity between the products available to “beauty insiders” vs. what everyday women had access to. Committed to closing the gap, Gwen set out to create a luxury product for all women.

“I’m so happy to share Lomolique with you, a product that has been a lifelong dream of mine, with its unique ingredients that i helped cultivate from inception into this life-changing oil.”

In addition to a passion for making luxury more accessible, Gwen also has a family-instilled value for harmony with nature and animals. When she saw ingredients and testing practices that clashed with these values in many of the luxury products marketed today, she knew it was time to step in. Through research, Gwen educated herself about clean, natural ingredients and created Lomolique, a cruelty-free facial oil with antioxidant and aromatherapy properties.

Lastly, as a representative of diverse cultures and nationalities (Gwen has roots in Jamiaca, the UK, and the US), Gwen is also committed to bringing skin care products that celebrate the beauty of  the BIPOC community with her inclusive brand and formulation.



Here’s Gwen’s list of  “Must-Have’s” for Lomolique that fit what women need, want, and deserve:

Adaptable – as an international traveler, Gwen wanted a product that could adapt to skin’s changing needs no matter the climate (plus fit into your purse for easy, on-the-go use!)
Diverse & Inclusive – Gwen sought a skin formulation that would serve and celebrate women of all races and ethnicities
Cruelty-free/vegan – compassion for animals is a key Lomolique value

Sulfate & Toxin-Free with no artificial color
– Nature’s best antioxidant ingredients don’t need additives! They shine with this toxin and sulfate-free blend of six unique oils without added color.

High-performing – Renovage, the hey performance ingredient in Lomolique, provides protection and repair against environmental and lifestyle factors that cause stress-included damage to the skin
Easy – Lomolique is a one-step regimen for busy women who crave luxurious self-care but don’t have time for lengthy and complicated sincare routines (aka all women!)

To learn more about how Lomolique takes women to the 
place where they feel most beautiful, and start your natural
beauty regimen today, visit

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