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Tea with Gwen is about the Wonder Women of the world and learning how they maintain and sustain in today’s busy world! Healthy from the inside out, how you eat, sleep and exercise your mind, body and spirit!

Featured Episodes


Ep 1: Patty Jenkins, the Wonder Woman Behind the Camera

In this inaugural episode, Gwen sits down with Patty Jenkins, director and co-writer of the international hit movie Wonder Woman 1984. Gwen and Patty discuss how to do it all while keeping spirits high and how her past experiences have perpetuated her fearlessness and sense of adventure.


Ep 2: Andrea Razzaghi, Reaching for the Stars

Andrea Razzaghi, Deputy Director of the NASA Management Office, recounts how her family’s support kept her focused on achieving her goals and how the real-life women behind the movie “Hidden Figures” helped pave the way ahead of her success. She hopes to continuously encourage more women and minorities to follow their dreams in STEM.


Ep 3: Jade Johnson, Big Dreams & Steady Goals

Jade Johnson, a retired British Olympic athlete and elite Amazon (both on and off-screen) reminisces on childhood dreams, idols and memories. She breaks down how her passion for track and field has contributed to her overall success.


Ep 4: Gina Lombardi & Laura Kaeppeler, Health Interrupted

JA virtual sit down with Celebrity Fitness Trainer Gina Lombardi and Former Miss America Laura Kaeppeler who have recently launch their own platform called “Health Interrupted.” We’re talking about all of life’s sudden health challenges and how to talk / push through them! Even when you want to give in.


Ep 5: Bronte Lavine, Once a Dancer, Always a Dancer

Bronte Lavine, dancer, model and true Amazon, reminds us to drive for our dreams even when others don’t necessarily believe in us. She talks about her quiet confidence, ultimate belief in her abilities and the importance of listening and delivering.


Meet the Host

Gwen Osborne

Drawing from her acting talents, Gwen brings her most dynamic, comedic self as host of the show. Committed to bringing diverse stories of real-life Wonder Women, Gwen has a way of putting her guests at ease and bringing out both the inspirational and relatable through authentic conversation.

Listeners to Tea with Gwen also get a behind-the-scenes view of Gwen’s everyday life, humor, experience, and wisdom as she candidly pulls back the curtain to invite the audience in.

When Gwen isn’t behind the microphone or filming on set, she’s promoting and building Lomolique, her natural skincare brand, spending time with her three kids, or sharing tips on healthy living on IG @itsgwendolyn.


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